Apps to end procrastination (computer and mobile)

Procrastination is not easy to fight against. I had a pretty bad habit of going on YouTube after school. I said that I would spend 10 minutes at max but an hour passes by.

Now, ending these bad habits can seem really challenging but thanks to these apps; you can actually lock out distracting websites and apps.


So how does this work?

Well these apps are not very difficult to use. All you have to do is enter the website you want to block (e.g When you go onto this website you will get an error message or you might be redirected to something else.

Essentially you are creating what is called a “black-list” of websites you want to avoid.

So my “black-list” could look something like this:


Furthermore, you can also block applications such as Chrome browser itself.

You get the idea…

After you create your list of websites, you can choose the duration you want to block them (e.g 2 hours). You will then not be allowed to visit the websites on this list for the duration of time.


Wait…can’t I just remove the website?

Well good question. If you can add websites then you can definitely also remove them from your “black-list”. So yes, you can just remove websites from your “black-list”. But then it’s pointless right?…

Hold on.

The developers of these apps were one step ahead. Often you can change the settings to ensure that no websites can be removed on your “black-list”. You can though still add websites to the “black-list”.

Also, restarting your computer won’t unblock the websites either. Any website on that list is blocked for the duration.


Now let’s look at some apps you could use


Cold Turkey blocker

If you are familiar with the meaning of “cold turkey”, you will know that this a very suitable name for the app.

Platform: Windows, MacOS

Usability: The app itself is very easy to use; a clean user interface.

Price (basic version): Free (but does not come with scheduling and application blocking)

Price (pro version): $29 CAD (one time payment) can be used on all computers you own. You don’t need to buy a separate license for MacOS and Windows.

Buy Cold Turkey here




Personally, this is my favorite website and application blocker.

Platform: Windows, MacOS, Android

Usability: I find this to be the best website blocking-app and application blocker out there. Personally, I have been using for almost a year now. A recent software update has really enhanced the user interface, making it clear and simple to use.

Features: FocusMe offers website blocking, application blocking, scheduling, time limits and so much more!

Price (pro version): Free trial available (no credit card required!) And then you have payment options:

  •  $39.99 CAD (annually)
  • $8.99 CAD (monthly)
  • $149.99 CAD (life-time, one-time buy)

Click here to buy


Self control (mac)

This is an app you can download for MacOS. This is probably one of the first website blockers I tried and it gets the job done.

Platform: MacOS

Price: Free

Usability and features: This app being free, has fairly limited features. It allows you to block a list of websites for a certain amount of time (for up to 24 hours). However, there is no scheduling or application blocking.